Renee Fussner

Our History

Renee Fussner brought yoga to Lake Mills when she opened Bliss Power Yoga in 2010. She had trained with Baron Baptise and a who’s-who list of nationally renown yoga instructors. Renee is in high demand to teach and present at yoga conferences around the country. In 2012 she moved to Puerto Rico to continue teaching both yoga, and her newest passion, stand-up-paddle boarding.  Renee also conducts action-packed yoga retreats.

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Our Mission

In the summer of 2012, Renee’s students organized the Lake Mills Yoga Co-op. The mission of the co-op is to offer wellness to the Lake Mills’ community through the practice of yoga. We are a not-for-profit Wisconsin member co-op. Anyone is welcome to drop in on any of our classes – no pre-sign up or reservations required. Just bring a water bottle, towel, and a willingness to try something new. Mats are provided. If you have never tried yoga before, please visit our New to Yoga page.

Julie Nischik – Julie’s path to yoga started like many other yogis, feeling weak, tired, and uncomfortable in her body. She decided to try out a class at the gym, but it was not an enjoyable first experience! She decided to keep going in hopes that it would get better, and start to receive some of the benefits she had heard about. This eventually lead to becoming a certified yoga teacher through The Studio’s 21st Century Yoga on the Mat Program. As a yoga teacher, Julie wants to help you develop and advance your practice, whether that’s getting comfortable with the basics of asana, or delving deeper into the mind-body connection. Expect Julie’s class to be grounding and centering, but also lighthearted, fun, and challenging.

Abby - Instructor from Lake Mills Yoga

Abby – “Practice yoga three times a week to change your body. Practice yoga every day to change your life” has been Abby’s mantra since taking her first Yoga class at the age of 17. After years of informally teaching, she received her 200-CYT certification in 2012.Frustrated by the lack of opportunities to teach affordable yoga classes in the Madison area, she has returned to her hometown of Jefferson to teach. Her mission is to spread her love of Yoga through affordable, fun classes for regular people. She adds a playful exploratory element as she guides her students through proper alignment & breath work. You do not need to be flexible to start a yoga practice and you certainly do not have to have good balance. All of that comes with time & practice. Abby just wants everyone to feel good and is excited to help you incorporate Yoga & Meditation into your lifestyle.

Erin Frey - Instructor at Lake Mills Yoga

Erin Frey – When Erin started yoga as a mindfulness practice to ease the anxiety of working in the corporate world, she didn’t anticipate how her yoga journey would continually change her life~ a true Mind, Body and Spiritual transformation. When she transitioned into the role of a stay at home mom to two young daughters, yoga became a way to find peace and personal time. The longing to seek more of what was beyond the physical practice grew. Serious internal injuries resulting from a bike accident in 2014 led Erin to a dark place both mentally and physically, and yet again the practice of yoga helped her to process, heal and grow. In the fall of 2014 Erin enrolled in a 200-hour Yoga teacher training program at YogaOne to deepen her understanding of the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the practice. Immersion in ancient yogic techniques (mindfulness, pranayama, meditation, asana) and philosophies expanded her awareness and helped heal her body, mind and soul.

As a former competitive figure skater and coach of the sport, Erin has a lifetime love of the body and how it works. She carries that same passion, fueled by continual study and reverence for the non-physical, into her yoga teaching. Erin feels honored and blessed to share the gift of yoga. She is excited to observe other people’s journey to discovering their own inner light.

Off the mat, Erin enjoys spending time with her family and friends, seeing live music, being in nature, yoga, meditation and the Lake Mills community. She also spends time at the ice rink and teaches yoga to aspiring skaters of all ages. She says, “I am lucky to have found two passions that weave together so beautifully.”

Al Noche - Instructor at Lake Mills Yoga

Al Noche – It took nearly two years for a friend to finally convince Al to give yoga a chance, but in 2008 he attended Angela Gargano’s Candlelight Flow at Bliss Flow Yoga in Madison. What he found was that the feeling of being the awkward newbie quickly faded, and that yoga offered not only a physical challenge but a sense of peace he’d never experienced before. Over the years, Al’s interest in yoga deepened and in 2014 he enrolled in Yoga One’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program, led by Meg Galarza. Initially, Al entered the program without any intent to teach as he was only seeking to gain a better understanding of the practice. However, upon completion of the training he felt compelled to share what he’d learned from Meg with others.

Al’s wish is that his classes – which incorporate energetic, vinyasa-based sequences paired with fun and eclectic music playlists – might someday resonate with students in the same way that Angela’s class had inspired him years ago. Al lives, works, practices yoga and rides his bike in and around Madison, and spends entirely too much time obsessing over music, music playlists, music history… I think you get the point. He likes music and yoga.


Susan Trier – Susan Trier is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 200-E and certified Tai Chi instructor.   She is also a certified Pilates instructor in both mat and apparatus as well as a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine..  She has received special training in pre, and post natal health, pelvic health, and Parkinson’s. In addition, Susan is a certified Zero Balancing bodywork practitioner.

Susan tried Tai Chi four separate times before the discipline resonated with her and she choose to study it.  Susan been teaching for 5 years.  Tai Chi has taught her to stand and move in a more easeful manner, to quiet my mind, and most importantly, to inhabit a place of integrity where Life’s dual natures ebb and flow in full view.  Come explore an unfamiliar art form which can build a stronger and more stable nervous system and let you find that place which exists between a stimulus and your response.


Andrea Pappas – Andrea grew up in Seattle, WA as an avid skier and outdoors-enthusiast. During a high school retreat, she was introduced to yoga for the first time, and fell in love. Andrea saw yoga as an outlet for stress and anxiety, and continued to practice throughout high school and college. In 2014, Andrea moved to Chicago and enrolled in a yoga teacher training program and began teaching yoga at a barre studio in Chicago. Now in Madison as a group and personal trainer, Andrea has the knowledge of the inner workings of the body and hopes to share the numerous benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. Andrea will lead class with a smile, enthusiasm and good jams!



Vanessa Teff – first started practicing yoga regularly in college. I found a remarkable teacher at Bryan Kest’s studio out in Los Angeles that changed my life but most importantly, my perspective. I was an athlete in college which required a lot of effort and time. At that time, yoga was my refuge – the one thing I didn’t have to be good at.  Two years ago, I was given the opportunity to study with Meg Galarza from YogaOne and completed my teacher training certification.  My style of teaching is rooted in vinyasa, compassion and proper alignment. 


Susan Maloney

Susan Maloney – As a middle school classroom teacher for nearly 30 years, I used my yoga practice as a way to relieve stress while gaining strength and flexibility. The focused awareness and mindfulness practiced on the mat slowly began to transfer into other aspects of my daily life. What began as physical exercise has evolved into a means of maintaining a calmer, more balanced, mental and emotional state. In other words, Yoga makes me happy!

After finishing training from Haleybird Studio in Milwaukee in Integrative Yoga Therapy (200 hour IYT), I taught a variety of classes at the Wisconsin Athletic Club and the Rock Lake Activity Center. Since I truly believe that Yoga is for everyBODY no matter the age, size, or shape, I strive to provide classes that are safe and sustainable for all levels of fitness. A mix of postures, breath work, meditation, and relaxation are incorporated into every class. I am passionate about sharing the healing power of yoga, and helping others feel better in their bodies.



Carrie Levake – My fitness path: After taking several different types of exercise classes and training for 2 Tough Mudder’s, my passion turned to helping others! As a registered nurse for nearly 12 years, I have been promoting health and wellness; health, fitness and wellness is my life and calling in every way! My training: I’m a certified ACE Group Fitness instructor and also maintain specialty certifications in TRX, P90X and PiYo. My Joy out of the gym: Watching my 2 son’s play multiple sports, attending UW Badger and Packer football games, spending time outdoors (warm weather preferred), running 5K’s, reading, spending time with family & friends, and going for walks around beautiful Lake Mills. My commitment to you: I really try to make everyone feel welcome in “their” class, I know all too well how it feels to be that fearful new person. I welcome and appreciate all input in custom tailoring classes to all ability levels!


Lindsey Schaub – At first, yoga was just a way to spice up my fitness routine but little did I know, it would change the course of my life. I gained a sense of clarity that I never felt before practicing regularly, learned to cope with feelings of anxiety in healthy ways, felt more confident and in general, more content than ever before. Now, I am a registered yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance after completing training at Feel Your Best YTT-200 with Debra Hennesy. l feel so grateful to be able to connect with others and share this amazing vehicle to help us navigate through life with more compassion and presence. As an instructor, I believe in empowering my students to help them become more aware of their bodies. I am a life long learner and hope to continue growing and expanding my knowledge of movement, the body and the sacredness of yoga. 



Lake Mills Yoga Co-op Studio

Our Studio

The Lake Mills Yoga Co-op is conveniently located at 112 South Main Street above Remax Realty. Our spacious studio’s sunlit hardwood floors and high ceiling creates a pleasant and calming space for your practice.  This beautiful studio space is available for rent during non-class hours. Send queries to