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Back to Basics -All Levels

Tuesdays + Thursdays @5:15 PM
Low Intensity
New to Yoga? Start here. This class is perfect for any age, shape, or size to experience the many benefits of yoga. No experience or flexibility required. Back to Basics is also ideal for students needing to move more slowly due to injury or just wanting to refresh on the fundamentals of Yoga.

BodyZen Boot Camp

Wednesdays @5:30 – 6:15 AM
This boot camp is a high intensity interval training class that is sure to make you burn max calories and motivate you to push through the burn! There will be a variety of dynamic strength moves while mixing Cardio work in between. Carrie provides options for all fitness levels, so no matter where you are on your fitness journey this class is for you. Come ready to sweat, have fun and leave feeling energized and stronger!

Gentle Yoga – All Levels

Mondays @9 AM
This practice is designed to restore the body while relieving fatigue and muscle tension. Traditional yet simple breath work and yoga poses will be introduced and modified for safety at any level. Class will consist of a gentle flow of consistent movement.

Hot Yoga – Mixed Levels

Saturdays @8 AM
Intermediate/High Intensity

You will link breath with movement as you move through challenging vinyasa-based sequences. Plenty of modifications and options are offered throughout class to further challenge you or to help you find ease. Dress appropriately by leaving the long sleeve shirts and sweatpants at home – the studio is heated to 90 – 95 degrees for this class. Bring a towel, a bottle of water and an open mind. Get your sweat on and meet your peace. Please drink plenty of water before and after class to stay hydrated.

P90X Circuit Training

Fridays @5:30 – 6:15 AM
Majority of the work done in P90X circuit routines are completed by exercising one muscle group, then while giving that muscle group time to rest, we work an opposing or different muscle group. This allows us to keep a higher heart rate than compared to traditional resistance training. Not only that, but each resistance workout in P90X is structured so that not only your aerobic energy systems are being pushed, but anaerobically you are being challenged as well!
**Research has shown the tremendous benefits to circuit and/or interval training for not only healthy body composition, but improvements to the cardiovascular system as well.

Vinyasa Slow Yoga – All Levels

Wednesdays @6 PM + Saturdays @9:15 AM
Low/Intermediate Intensity

This flowing yoga class is geared to newer students of vinyasa or those that want to enjoy a slower paced class in a fast paced world. This class will take the student deeper into all postures at a slower pace, while still focusing on alignment and breath. This class is perfect for the healthy beginner who wants a little more than Back to Basics.

Vinyasa Yoga – Mixed Levels

Mondays@6PM, Tuesdays + Thursdays @6:30 PM, Fridays @9 AM, Sundays @9:30 AM
Intermediate/High Intensity

Vinyasa yoga coordinates movement with breath, flowing from one pose to the next offering a comprehensive practice from meditative to challenging of the mind, body and spirit. This class will accommodate a variety of experience levels and is suitable for anyone that enjoys a more intense full-body physical workout.

Vin & Yin – All Levels

Sundays @4:30 PM
The first half of the class focuses on building some heat by matching breath to movement in a controlled and relaxed manner following a balanced slow Vinyasa style, while the second half of the class follows a Yin style. Yin yoga works deeply into muscles and connective tissues through extended holds of grounded postures. These one-hour sessions are great for those looking to restore flexibility and/or work deeply into joints and tissues. Gentle movements, passive stretching and postures supported with props are all components you will find in this class.